About Us

We the Multi Industries would like to introduce our main services that is being provided to worldwide customer such as Masonic Regalia Products for English Regalia, AASR French rite and Blue Lodge all rites 

Main products: 

Embroidered Banners, Badges, Capes, Shoulders, Sashes, Peeks, Patches wings, Pipe Banners, Pillow, Sublimation badges, Machine made Badges, Uniform accessories complete range and etc.

Masonic Regalia Aprons, Collars, Sashes, badges, Gauntlets set, and Hats for all ranks 

Masonic Jewels, Chain collar, Apron Cases, Cape cases, Gloves and Leather Gauntlets 

Mantle, Tunic and complete accessories 

Sports Wear, knee sleeves, Belts and Bags, T-shirts, shorts.  

We advise you to go through our website and samples photos for your kind review either if you have any inquiry you can send us your own details we make sure to provide you high quality and very competitive prices rather than other suppliers. 

Besides if you wish to inspect & check our quality we offer you to place small order or sample with us 

We completely guarantee our products for durability and long lasting. 

If you will need any additional information or have any other regalia inquiry please feel free to contact us 

With best regards  

Saqib Arshad 


Multi Industries 




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